Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 Nov 2018.

Wingsbdmart.com is a platform where all of the products are most valuable for human everyday life and
this platform cordially working for save human life and safe looks.wingsbdmart.com declared that there
all of the products will be from the exclusive international brands and internationally HALAL certified,
wingsbdmart.com provides opportunities to both the buyers and sellers. This is a wonderful place to
promote your skill and proved yourself very easily. This platform also committed anyone can build up
there carrier and spend better life when wingsbdmart.com focuses on.
Please review the following carefully, by using the site and wingsbdmart.com service you are agreeing to
these terms:

Terms and conditions
1. To access certain services which offered by the platform, we require that you create an
account with us and provide personal information to complete the creation of an account.
2. You should provide actual information while creating your account.
3. You are only responsible for your account and the activity.
4. After registration you will get log-in credentials like “user id” and all valid particulars. Access
to wingsbd.com services is not authorized by any other person using your user id and you are
only responsible for preventing such unauthorized activity.
5. You will not use wingsbdmart.com to collect any personally identifiable information for
commercial purpose.
6. Each Deal has specific terms associated with the Deal, which will be presented to you at the
time you commit to purchase the particular Deal.
7. Each deal has some specific condition which will be presented to you when committed to
purchase the deal.
8. No cash value for any acknowledgement slip.
9. No cash back or credit will be issued for partial redemption of the promotional of a
acknowledgement slip.
10. No cash back will be issued for partial redemption of the paid portion of acknowledgement
slip expect as required by law.
11. Neither wingsbdmart.com nor the merchant is responsible for lost and stolen
acknowledgment slip or acknowledgment slip reference number.
12. Completely prohibited to duplicate use, sale or trade of an acknowledgement slip.
13. Keep your acknowledgement copy safely and be careful from getting stolen and delicacy. For
any unexpected case merchant will provide service to the fast person who submit the slip.
14. After sale wingsbdmart.com has no any return policy.
15. Wingsbdmart.com has the right to terminated your account without any prior notice.